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Häagen-Dazs & Loop

With an ever-increasing focus on reducing waste we were tasked with generating a reusable (at least 100 times), durable and widely recyclable 1-pint container for Häagen-Dazs which would become part of the Loop doorstep delivery system.

Loop is a global shopping system and reuse model developed by TerraCycle – the global recycling experts. An innovative subscription service for food and household goods brands.

Haagen Dazs Sketch.jpg

We took this opportunity to not only develop a robust, reusable packaging format but also to create the ultimate user experience that was currently unachievable through existing, single-use packaging formats.


The Results

  • Now available as part of the Loop system.

  • Received 2.4 billion social media hits.

  • Become the number one selling product in the Loop US store.

  • Been successfully used as an in-store refill solution in 30 Häagen-Dazs stores.

  • Touch selected by Loop as an approved design agency.


Thanks Touch team for your partnership to make this revolutionary packaging a reality - you can be proud!
The Häagen-Dazs packaging made a big impression in Davos (World Economic Forum), it’s one of the most iconic designs currently offered on LOOP!


Olivier Jakubowicz
Global Category Leader - Nestlé Ice Cream Strategic Business Unit

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