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insight, innovation
& design

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We are touch. From insight to in-the-hand, we deliver brand and consumer centric structural design and innovation that's sustainable, commercially viable and technically feasible. Future-proofing business growth and
shaping things to come.

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We place insight at the heart of all our thinking because effective work can only happen by first understanding what it must achieve to succeed. Whether that’s being informed by how the end user interacts with the pack or product, understanding business realities, looking at how tax, retailer demands, legislation and infrastructure will impact sustainability performance or being inspired by changing consumer lifestyles, habits and attitudes we use insight to inform, illuminate, guide and inspire the whole team – including our clients.

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We use deep understanding of brands, businesses and consumers to drive meaningful innovation – physically uniting brand purpose with user experience to create the ‘brand in the hand’. Keeping ahead of consumer, retailer, market and category trends to remain at the forefront of your industry. From pack & format, to product, to service-led innovations, we love to help brands get, and stay, ahead. Our flexible ‘touch, reach and stretch’ approach delivers solutions at the level your business needs, whether that’s utilising existing capabilities to generate quick wins or implementing new capability to unlock game-changing innovation.

And we know that innovation doesn’t deliver the brand or business returns it's capable of unless it is communicated effectively, so we look at what it needs to say and how it needs to say it to generate compelling names, claims and launch stories.

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Our design studio creatively delivers sustainable and future-proofed design solutions – whether that’s creating a piece of structural brand design, developing new routes to market or inventing new-to-world pack and product innovations - we’ve got you covered.

And because we know that packaging is more than just a wrapper – it’s the entire process that puts the brand in consumers’ hands - our expert team considers every step along the value chain to make sure that the solutions we create sustainably add value to brands and consumers.

We have the ability to deliver this comprehensive analysis because our award-winning team is made up of a mix of highly creative individuals with design, engineering, material science, prototyping and life-cycle analysis skills, enabling us to respond to all your design needs in a way that is creatively impactful, physically implementable and sustainably sound.

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