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Carlsberg Export is Carlsberg’s premium extension of their core brand. and in recent years they have seen a decline in sales which has led to delistings by major retailers. We were given the opportunity to give consumers a reason to re-evaluate Carlsberg Export as a premium Danish Beer.

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Key to the success of the design was to discover and define a Danish story consumers could believe in. We achieved this by reflecting Danish iconography across the range through both, bold structures and subtle, discoverable details.


The Results

Increased purchase intent

Consumer research has shown a purchase intent increase of 16%.

New retailer listings
This distinctive redesign enabled Carlsberg Export to be listed in new retail chains.

Distinctly Danish story
Carlsberg Export now has a distinctly Danish story that sets it apart as a truly stylish world beer.

Award-winning design
Winner of 27 design awards, including gold DBA, FAB, Brand impact, and Drum awards

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