the challenge

Yoplait asked us to help them solve a question.


Our in home ethnographic research highlighted a key opportunity. Mum's simply weren’t placing yogurts in lunchboxes.

The solution became clear - we needed to create the world’s first spoonless yogurt.


the process


“So why don’t you put yogurts in your children's lunch box?”



“I don’t put a pot of yoghurt in the lunchbox because I don’t get the spoon back”


“At the end of the day, I get a lunchbox coated in yogurt”


“I’m worried it will get too warm to eat, especially on a hot day”

the results

By joining the dots between consumer, supply chain and the customer we were able to develop the world’s first spoonless yogurt for Yoplait.


This pack solution resulted in:


- 40% category growth

- 52% reduction in pack materials

- Same product retailed at  20% on cost

- A product that is being sold at a premium to core

- A product that opened up new usage occasions, driving sales

- Test Market launch in Ireland 1 year from briefing

- Minimal £15k to prove the concept before capex released working with co-packers.

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