Touch are closely monitoring packaging-related consumer behaviours, legislative updates and retailer responses to Covid-19.


The rate of change is more rapid than ever. Many new consumer behaviours we were witnessing in the first weeks of lock-down have already faded away as knowledge grows about the virus.


Through our Unlocked podcast series, we have been working with SMEs from our community to decipher which implications are likely to stick, and which should be considered by the packaging industry.

These conversations have led to some key thinking points for us... 

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Safety first

Cleaning our grocery packaging may have been a short-lived reaction to Covid-19, however, consumers will be looking to brands for reassurance of optimum hygiene and safety.

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Filling the void

Lockdown may soon be over, but the impending recession is set to impact the travel & hospitality sectors. FMCG can fill the void with accessible ways to indulge and escape.

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Retail revolution

With a disruption in supply, changing shopper habits, and restrictions on physical proximity, vast changes are afoot in both the online and bricks and mortar retail landscape.

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If Covid-19 is the acute illness, sustainability is the chronic: climate change isn’t slowing down and so it is our responsibility to continue to find circular sustainable pack solutions.

Future thinking

Against a fast-evolving pandemic backdrop, the possible future implications on the FMCG industry are myriad. Continuous tracking and looping back on relevant insights enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

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What does this mean

for your business?

Whether it’s pivoting your assets to respond to a post-pandemic landscape, populating your pipeline with category game-changers, or refocusing your efforts on longer-term sustainability goals, packaging innovation will play an important role. ​

This summer, we’re offering initial consultation and knowledge sharing sessions to talk about what the future looks like for your packaging.​


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