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the challenge
With an ever-increasing focus on reducing waste We were tasked with generating a reusable (at least 100 times), durable and widely recyclable 1-pint container for Häagen-Dazs which would become part of the Loop doorstep delivery system.
Loop is a global shopping system and reuse model developed by TerraCycle – the global recycling experts. An innovative subscription service for food and household good brands.
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the process
Based on our usage testing findings and aesthetic platform explorations, a range of initial designs where produced. These early designs were used to explore form, functionality and pack life cycle along with materials, branding and graphic expressions. 
the results
Now available as part of the Loop system.
“Thanks Touch team for your partnership to make this revolutionary packaging a reality - you can be proud! 
The Häagen-Dazs packaging made a big impression in Davos (World Economic Forum), it’s one of the most iconic designs currently offered on LOOP!”
Olivier Jakubowicz  
Global Category Leader - Nestlé Ice Cream Strategic Business Unit