The Quad, Stubbings Estate
Stubbings Lane, Maidenhead
Touch Design 2019
the challenge

The world of sport and exercise is changing


Lucozade Sport approached us to help them open the brand to a wider audience by enhancing and modernising the current proposition while cementing Lucozade Sport’s #1 position as the drink of choice for sport and exercise.

2D & 3D working in harmony


Early on in the process, our teams hit on a design approach that enabled structure and graphics to work in harmony.


Creating a large brand canvas that also enables the functional benefits of the bottle to be intuitively appreciated.

the results

Significant PET saving with a 3g lighter bottle


Successfully changed 79 sku’s with minimal disruption


Write off CAPEX within budget


Increased value & RoS from launch 

Singles +15.4%

Multipacks +6.7%

Low Cal +7.6%

Contributed to overall RSV growth in total in 2016, in a declining market